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How to Negotiate Office Space in Nairobi

A-grade buildings in Nairobi have an average of 2.2 parking bays per 100 metres square whereas B-grade buildings have an average of 1.5 parking bays per 100 metres square. Most of the A-grade office space is located in Westlands and Upper Hill.

Innovative approach to leasing

  1. Negotiate for revenue share rent as opposed to the typical rental rate based on space occupied,
  2. Negotiate for extended fit out periods beyond the standard three months.
  3. Landlords are accepting progressive escalation rates instead of the usual fixed rate of up to 7.5 per cent annually.
  4. Some landlords are now also accepting security deposits of a combination of two months’ rent as a bank guarantee and one month’s rent in cash unlike the traditional three months’ rent cash security deposit.